Office - Administration Buildings Flexible for retrofit installations and high soundproofing comfort

Usually the length of stay is at an office workstation 8 to 10 hours per day. Depending on the application area are air guide, Sound absorbing properties, as well as filtering of outdoor air requirements for a modern ventilation system. Energy-efficient properties, there are a self-evident condition.

Ventomaxx International provides for this situation the best solution with the device series WRG Rondo Plus in combination with the sound insulation extract air device ECO Comfort Plus. This series combines all the features in itself.

From June 2016 then a further solution with the device serial VX 200 available. The various control components ensure the implementation of individual desires to ease of use and comfort.

The various ventilation systems may be designed for these needs cases. From the semi-centralized VX200 system to decentralized solutions Device series WRG Plus, WRG RondoPlus or the sound absorbing ventilators Series Air Control.

The combination with the telephony sound-insulated overflow elements for installation in partition walls, have proven themselves repeatedly in the optimized air guidance. The series AIR CONTROL Flat is ideally suited for these needs and in accordance with the requirements of air flow and sound-deadening properties Assembled.

Decentralized ventilation systems provided no construction requirements for engineering rooms or the accommodation of ventilation ducts.The full integration within exterior walls saves space and ensures for an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply.


ECO Comfort Plus

Silent Comfort Plus