For the decentralized products of Ventomaxx International is an extensive accessories program available.

Replacement filter

As an original equipment for the regular exchange during the annual maintenance. This ensures a long-lasting, faultless and hygienic operation.

Air Static G3

G3 [Plus Series]
Art. No.: 1500-1903VX

AIR-Static Micro-filter. The 100% synthetic filter media is resistant to moisture and common chemicals. The antibacterial, statically charged filter material ensures compliance with strict hygiene guidelines when long service life. Meets UL900 Class 1 Flammability Standard and the EU Directive 2002/95 / EC and conforms to the new Commission Decision 2005/618 / EC. The filter medium is RoHS compliant.

Air Static F6

F6 [Plus Series]
Art. No.: 1500-1906VX

Allergy filter F6 for use in connection with All units of the Plus series.

G3 Hygiene filter [IQ Series]
Art. No.: 1500-1913VX

On filter frame, suitable for all IQ devices.

F6 Pollen filter [IQ Series]
Art. N0.: 1500-1915VX

Allergy filter F6 for use in connection with all IQ devices.

Mounting Accessories

As support for the specialized companies. For a quick and correct installation. Furthermore the mounting foam and the diffusion sealing adhesive is an integral part of the product characteristics, making the product to an overall system. This ensures properly installed with the agreed device properties.