Silent Comfort Plus Sound insulation against external noise: 50 dB, Dnew


The particularly compact dimensions provide for installation in virtually all outer walls in new construction and renovation; while remaining the modular unit concept always expandable. The intelligent control system is immediately after connection usable for operation. That can used as required just for the fresh air individual as well as within ventilation and Room cross connected Ventilation concepts according to Energy Saving.

Unit version Silent Comfort Plus enables convenient decentralized Control program and ventilation stages directly on the device. Depending for the required standard for Ventilation, the ventilation devices are especially easy to integrate room air cross-ventilation concepts and are also comfortable for continuous operation. The devices are already factory with an Air- Static hygiene filter G3 class equipped. The revision of all air-carrying components, also the Filter is possible without using tools!

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Fresh air and noise protection around the clock
  • Burglary protection with closed windows
  • Protection against fine dust / pollen allergy-protective
  • Moisture protection and building conserving
  • the asset value
  • In winter, reducing heat loss
  • In summer night cooling; no insects
  • Silent and energy saving EC fans
  • Automatic control / easy to use
  • air duct free and inexpensive installation
  • best / excellent air hygiene
  • for new construction and renovation. all wall assemblies
  • High quality equipment components and durable materials made of stainless steel or aluminum also guarantee the highest side façade longevity


Plus Controller

 Concealed in the Room Cover


This intelligent control system that is already fully included in the room-side plus cover and ready for operation after connection immediately. In addition to numerous program functions the moist guided ventilation of individual rooms (bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, etc.) can be monitored directly via the humidity sensor in the exhaust air unit and thus regulated as required.

Continuous ventilation (left Prog LED lights up)

The device runs in continuous operation at the preset ventilation level (e.g. ventilation concepts with external wall sound absorbing ventilators Series Air-Control).

Draft ventilation (right Prog LED lights up)

This program function enables within 6 hours a short recurring operating the fan for 15 minutes in the standard program. After 6 hours, the cycle begins again.

Moisture protection "static“

User needs exhaust air (with internal hygro sensor, optional). As soon as the pre-set humidity is reached, starts the exhaust operation at the selected ventilation level until the R.H. is 10% lower than the pre-set humidity set point.

Moisture protection „dynamic“

As before, however, starts the exhaust air only when the pre-set humidity value within the last 10 minutes by more than 10% RH rises above the predetermined maximum value. This 3 stages the device starts to run over the preselected ventilation level and switches on reaching the desired humidity back to the pre-set Ventilation level.

External activation

The clamping to an external actuator (e.g. CO2 sensor) on potential-free contact of the board allows, a needs-based external fan control at the preset performance level. The optional internal hydro sensor is automatically deactivated.

Both program LED are off.

Room side
Out side

LAW straight through the wall

Room side
Out side

LAL concealed within the reveal

Room side
Out side

LAS LAS concealed in the lintel

air outlet room side upwards.

Room side
Out side

LAF3 Air suction free on the facade