Different ventilation concepts from Ventomaxx International at a glance:

Wherever the air supply individual controllable, i.e. should be decentralized (e.g. in single or multi-family houses, hotels, student residences; senior residences) a decentralized ventilation concept is ideal.

In particular for retrofit installations in older buildings during renovation or refurbishment, this system is perfect. But also in new construction if valuable space should be used extensively, without use for air ducts. Because it is installed in each case on an outer wall without duct system in the main rooms such as the living room, children's and bedrooms, but also in commercial premises such as offices, kindergartens, classrooms or conference rooms.and ensures individually controllable fresh air supply . Indispensable in virtually all tightly sealed rooms with ventilation requirement.

Application fields

Benefits Decentralized Ventilation Systems from Ventomaxx International at a glance:

Highest performance

An ideal solution for tightly sealed homes, a HRU system exchanges stale air from inside with fresher outdoor air. To ensure absolute comfort, the system captures heat from contaminated air before it is moved outdoors. Will not restrict airflow for proper filtration. Ideal for new homes which are tightly sealed or remodelled homes with energy efficiency upgrades. All devices influence a healthy Climate.

By using the latest high-performance fans in conjunction with a sound-absorbing insert made of EPP and the implementation of the fan to the wall outside lowest sound levels are achieved of 16.8 dB (measuring surface sound pressure level / exhaust air at 300 mm total length) in the Level 1 with maximum efficiency. Thus, the fan far below the prescribed according to German DIN 4109 noise levels of 30 dB (A) in living rooms and bedrooms.

Mold prevention

Moisture and mold spores are natural aerosols and in different concentrations and part of the indoor and outdoor air. They form the basis for mold on surfaces or in materials.

Are the conditions favorable they multiply explosively. Moisture and warm air are essential parameters for this. The humidity sources in buildings are very different and belong to daily lives. Humans gives during his sleep from between 1-2 litres of water into the ambient air. In addition comes, the water vapour entry comes from showering, cooking, plants, etc. In a quick time is the Room air charged with water vapour in a high degree.

Through an exchange of Room air between the dry outside air and moist indoor air you are able to prevent moisture damage and protect health.

Reduced costs

The extremely high heat recovery rate of over 91% is achieved by the implemented high-performance ceramics the heat exchanger for heat recovery. Compared to the normal window ventilation, a large part of the heating energy can be saved here. This would otherwise be lost through the windows. The used highly efficient fans, use just a fraction of the energy that is recovered by the system. Therefore agrees the energy balance!

For cost optimization includes not only the use of energy, respectively also heat recovering and the cost maintenance. We have attached importance to the fact that our equipment can be cleaned and maintained from experienced persons without tools. This save time and costs.

Healthy air for allergic person

In metropolitan areas, the outside air is frequently with levitation dust particles by exhaust gas emissions or debited from the road traffic, often in peripheral areas with plant pollen. In particular, allergy sufferers can breathe again. An integrated filter ensures dust-free outdoor air, also accepts an optional pollen filter are integrated into the system.

That cannot afford to a conventional window ventilation.