Showrooms - Boutiques Bistros Replacement of used or contaminated air with simultaneous tracking of of fresh air, energy-efficient

Shop premises, bistros, boutiques, are a challenge for a comfortable climate. Especially in small locations, this plays an important role, because often the use requirement and availability changes over time.
Here meet together different influences and demands: customers should feel comfortable, stay as long as possible and consume relaxing. Goods must not get dusty. Gases from the quick cleaning or new clothes are also adsorb as frying smells from the Bistro.

Ventomaxx International has customized this decentralized ventilation concepts. Flexible used WRG RondoPlus appliances provide in the peripheral zones and lounge areas for the necessary "fresh air lake" and in combination, and assistance with the exhaust air devices of the series ECO Comfort IQ the required cross ventilation is generated, ensuring complete room flushing safely.

In the bistro, guests are provided with this solution with fresh air and at the boutique the VOCs (odorants from the factory new clothes) are removed.

Decentralized ventilation systems provided no construction requirements for engineering rooms or the accommodation of ventilation ducts.The full integration within exterior walls saves space and ensures for an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply .


WRG Plus

ECO Comfort IQ

Silent Comfort Plus