Kindergarten - Schools continuously hygienic, powerful and low-maintenance

In many countries it has been around for years, the requirement, classrooms and daycare centers, mechanically ventilated. Stand in the past, the energy efficiency in foreground, or because it was, because of very low outdoor temperatures not to think of a window ventilation in winter, more recently, the environmental impact is added by fine dust or allergens aerosols. Has closed window or only inadequate air exchange a sharp rise in CO2 content and thus negative effect on the mental performance result. The need for a class room ventilation (school ventilation) therefore also continues to grow internationally.

For the small to medium air requirements - focused on the supply of classrooms, libraries or individual floors and smaller wings of the building - Ventomaxx has developed the device series VX200. The combination of maximum flexibility and cost optimization in investment costs in connection with the low operating costs is achieved with this device

The model is designed for flexible use either in existing buildings, as well as for new construction. Various control concepts complete the product range and guarantee a tailor-made solution concept.



This modern, international requirements, designed device series meets the most diverse requirements with its properties. Designed as a modular system, the devices can be configured according to individual requirements.
Energy-saving, flexible and convenient operation properties, easy maintenance, long-life components reusable raw materials, all this makes the VX 200 completely

Decentralized ventilation systems provided no construction requirements for engineering rooms or the accommodation of ventilation ducts.The full integration within exterior walls saves space and ensures for an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply.


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