House Building - Residential Ventilation permanently hygienically accessible and low-maintenance

Living conditions has changed substantially in recent years. In many countries around the world an increasingly rural depopulation in the direction of urbanization can be observed. This brings besides many infrastructural challenges increasingly new demands on apartments and retirement homes with them. Living zones are moving closer and closer to thoroughfares or cities extend further out in air traffic zones. This summarized describes the need for ventilation units with controlled air supply, ideally with heat recovery, as well as exterior sound insulating properties with it. The total requirement now reads:

  • Controlled ventilation for fresh air supply
  • Heat recovery
  • sound insulation of the supply air openings
  • air filtering to prevent fine dust and pollen entry

Ventomaxx International provides for nearly all those requirements the appropriate device solution. Depending on the requirements in terms of technology and aesthetics, various components can be summarized to a solution. Solutions of Ventomaxx International are always a combination of consulting, engineering and the individual device series.

Specially designed for use in homes or retirement homes are the devices series WRG PLUS, WRG Rondo Plus,  WRG Rondo IQ, often used in combination with the air outlets of both series ECO Comfort Plus, ECO Plus, ECO IQ. With increased requirement beyond the proven sound absorbing ventilators Series Air Control are available. Especially with the device series of sound absorbing ventilators, is the engineering of Ventomaxx International, asked for a customized solution.

WRG Plus 

ECO Comfort Plus