Hotels - Bedrooms Quiet, gentle fresh air, energy-efficient, ideal for subsequent fitting

In hotels and hospital beds rooms is the requirement for healthy indoor air of particular importance. Ventomaxx International offers, with its various ventilation concepts flexible solutions either for new construction, as well as for upgrading existing buildings. The focus is the fresh and filtered outside air supply. It is known among allergists that the best means of reducing the microbial load, fresh air is. In addition, the increased demand for rest and demarcation to external noise.

Solutions of Ventomaxx International not only fulfill standards for ventilation filters, but rather go far beyond the required properties. For Ventomaxx International filter systems are designed so that a maximum of the usual allergens and aerosols from the outdoor air to be deposited. Various air filter classes are available for this.

The well-being of the hotel guests or hospital patients, but also for visitors and staff in hotels and hospital bed rooms have a top priority. Disinfection and cleaning have long been the standard in public buildings and busy especially in hospitals. The air of the bedroom is still mainly exchanged via a simple window ventilation.

The various ventilation systems may be designed for these needs cases. From the semi-centralized VX200 system to decentralized solutions Device series WRG Plus, WRG RondoPlus or the sound absorbing ventilators Series Air Control.

The combination with the telephony sound-insulated overflow elements for installation in partition walls, have proven themselves repeatedly in the optimized air guidance. The series AIR CONTROL Flat is ideally suited for these needs and in accordance with the requirements of air flow and sound-deadening properties Assembled.

Decentralized ventilation systems provided no construction requirements for engineering rooms or the accommodation of ventilation ducts.The full integration within exterior walls saves space and ensures for an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply. .

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