Historic Buildings - Monument Conservation Many solutions for historical requirements in monumental buildings

The requirements for a controlled ventilation system in historical buildings are almost the same as in new buildings or in a classical renovation. The requirements are addressed to:

  • Controlled ventilation for fresh air supply and prevent mold growth.
  • Heat recovery
  • sound insulation of the supply air openings
  • air filtering to prevent fine dust and pollen entry

But In addition come the higher demands on constructional features of the device. Often there is no place for a central ventilation system, furthermore facades are limited in the free design and therefore allow no visible air intake hoods or openings. A balanced room climate is usually of particular importance because often placed valuable furniture or high quality hardwood floors are processed.
The series AIR CONTROL in combination with the exterior sound-insulated exhaust fan of the series ECO Comfort Plus offer one of the available appropriate solutions.
That Ventomaxx International modular system also provides appropriate equipment with a heat recovery are available.

Decentralised ventilation systems provide no constructional requirements for engineering rooms or the accommodation of ventilation ducts. The full integration within exterior walls saves space and ensures for an energy-efficient, direct fresh air supply .


Air Control

ECO Comfort Plus