About us

Ventomaxx International GmbH is a sister Company of Ventomaxx GmbH. The concentration of Ventomaxx International applies the global market with the exception of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All experience and products are closely connected to the two companies, but the peculiarities individually of the markets are borne account.

Ventomaxx, over 20 years of existing family business, offers with the emphasis on decentralized ventilation solutions, comprehensive and holistic aeration systems around the used of people living rooms. The focus is on energy efficiency, sustainable use of the products and a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The focus on smart and high quality products as well as their expert advice is an important element. We want our sound and many years of expertise in the fields of architecture, interior ventilation, airflow, sound insulation ventilation, heat recovery, filtering matching and so make a holistic contribution for an optimal solution approach that buildings are getting better. Better in terms of functionality, design and aesthetics, but also better in sustainability, comfort and safety.


Responsibly and environmentally friendly handling of our world.

Responsibility for environmental responsibility is one of our maxims. The aim of Ventomaxx International GmbH is the global service and distribution of high quality, energy-efficient and sound-optimized compartment ventilation systems. Here the focus is on the use of resource-saving solutions, materials and material.

A comprehensive consultation of our customers and partners, innovative products and environmentally friendly production methods help us to achieve these goals. Sustainable concepts, solutions and products, while supporting the idea of the Green Building4 Council.


As a family we carry now for 20 years responsible for the following generations. We maintain open communication with our customers, planners and architects, as well as to our employees. We are guided by the requirements of our environment, without losing sight of the projects and legal frameworks to lose focus on the human beings and his needs. We see our customers as partners and our partners in the individual countries as part of our company.